Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tea for two

When I first started this blog I thought I’d never post any pictures of me in anything other than clothes I would wear out of the house; there would be no underwear pics, no unflattering photos showing ill-fitting issues and maybe I would stick to being headless. Headless and unrecognisable. I’m sure that every blogger out there has toyed with the idea of being headless on their blog. Do we sewists really want hundreds of pictures out there in the ether standing in front of backdrops and walls, looking like something interesting on said wall has captivated our attention? Showing off each and every angle of our latest make? The front, the side, the back, the detail…..

It starts with posting head pics, and then suddenly you find yourself adding an obligatory arse pic in each post. All in the name of sewing! The belfie. Here’s a question: does a picture taken of my arse with a remote and tripod classify as a belfie? Or is a belfie only those bad ones where you take a pic over your shoulder of your arse in the mirror? Did you know some smart arse (haha) has recently produced a belfie stick?  Anyway, I recently reached a level of insouciance when my arse pic was my opening blog post shot. Classy Myra.

So I guess it is time to say goodbye to the line in the sand of pictures I thought I would never post. The tide must have washed away that line, because alas, here is a post full of pictures of me in outrageous pyjamas. What’s more I convinced my sister to pose and feature in this post, all in the name of sewing. And when you put two sisters in pyjamas in front of a camera, things get cray cray.

Trying not to show too much skin while showing off the top of the shorts...

While talking all things cray cray, I admit that on the day these pics were taken, my sister and I decided to try and balance a champagne glass on our derriere's. Kardashian  style. In public! Luckily those pictures will remain in the vault. And before you ask, no, we weren’t successful. Obviously our derriere’s are not as full and perky as Kim’s.

Books are for practicing good posture, aren't they?

So what to tell you about these makes? I decided to make the Grainline Lakeside pyjamas after Amanda sewed up a pair at our recent social sewing afternoon. I picked up enough of this Japanese cotton lawn in Bali with these pyjamas in mind and thought I would surprise my sister with matching pyjamas on an upcoming holiday we had planned. We are both tea crazy so it seemed apt.

I started with my pair of pyjamas and sewed up the pattern unaltered. I measured a 2 in the top and 4 in the shorts, but opted to go for a size 6 in the shorts so that they were a little roomier to sleep in. However, I think I could have gone up another size in the shorts. I did read on various blogs that these shorts run small! What else? I do like the design of the top with its cross over winged back but it has absolutely no shape through the waist and appears a little… umm… maternity?

Winged crossed over back
For my sisters pair I took a good inch or so off the bottom of each side seam of the top and blended this to the current size under the arms. I decided that even with my sisters expanding belly (yep she’s preggers), some of the excess fabric needed to be shaved off. I also went up another size in the shorts and loosened the elastic in the waist band as I wanted to make sure she could wear these under her belly, as well as after the bub was born. & the fabric very aptly has milk jugs on them. I wonder if my sister noticed them?

I’m pretty happy with both pairs. The fabric is a tad cray cray, but hey, they are good for home pyjamas. They’re definitely not sexy lingerie, and I definitely won’t be wearing them around the new bf, but they are perfect for lounging around… and they do make me smile and think of my sis.

Maybe I might make another pair that are more… umm…. adult? Perhaps some without teacups or milk jugs?


  1. Love!! You two are gorgeous. I always wished I had a sister. And that fabric? Tres perfect :)

  2. haha, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I have wanted to sew lingerie for example, and have put it off because my boss reads my blog. So does his wife, and his mother in law. Thankfully, he is moving to a new job with a new company next month so THERE WILL BE LINGERIE. I will not be posing in it though.
    These pj are cute as!!! You guys both look great And fun pics never hurt ;)

  3. You guys are ADORABLE! And yeah, those shorts run small! Love my PJs though and I hope yours get worn!
    So hear you on headless. I ended up with tog pictures... What have we become?!

  4. Such a funny post Myra! These pjs are just so adorable but not as adorable as you and your sister in them!

  5. Super cute. The binding really makes it pop.