Thursday, 15 May 2014

A mini obsession

I have noticed a mini obsession lately – my obsession with mini’s. I think that its commencement may have coincided with my (recent) single status, but no matter the reason, I can confidently say that the hem lines on my skirts are definitely getting shorter. Move aside A-lines, these mini’s need pole position in my wardrobe!

Haha. The mini's too tight to fit my hands -
check out the whites of my knuckles being squished.

I have made not 1, not 2, but 3 self-drafted ponte minis in different colours, and although I love each and every one of them, I don’t think they require individual blog posts. They do get high rotation for my work outfits paired with my black milk leggings.

Side note: black milk leggings have truly brought out my eccentric side. And if you’re going to wear outlandish Alice in Wonderland leggings (my tights might make an appearance next post), why cover them up with a longish skirt? Hell, that Cheshire cat on my thigh needs to be glimpsed every now and then, especially since lately I’m channelling him: everyone’s mad here...

Anyway, back to the sewing. With mini’s in mind, I finally jumped on the Grainline moss skirt bandwagon. I wasn’t overly convinced with this skirt at the start, but I am glad that I was swayed to make it by my fellow sewing peeps. I ended up making this out of my left over herringbone denim (the scrap left over from my copycat sigma) in a size 2. I should have gone up a size as I think I’d rather this sit a little lower on my hips. I also wouldn’t mind taking in the waist band a tad as it is a bit gapey at the back. I’m just being fussy.

Check out that front fly zipper (not the best alignment of the waistband)

I was a little intimidated by the front fly zipper, but it came together relatively well. Ok, that was a complete lie stretching the truth – I botched this the first time, sewed the zipper on wrong, unpicked it and tried again. I also sewed the fly facing, facing the wrong way?! Don’t ask me how. I told you, I’m going mad. In the end the left side of the front skirt piece next to the zipper bunched a tad, but I gave up trying to flatten it, and hoped like hell that it wouldn’t show when worn.

Back panel with top stitching

I used my Liberty Guerrilla Gardening scraps for my pocket facings – I like that there’s a little bit of lush liberty that only I know is there. I did ponder whether the denim was thick enough to warrant omitting the interfacing - I compromised with a lightweight woven interfacing just to give the waistband a tad of stiffness. In hindsight, it probably didn’t need it.

All in all, I’m stoked with this make. In fact, I can’t believe it took me so long to make my own denim mini. I love this skirt so much that I bought some winter blue cord to make another (I just need to alter the fit a smidge). How many mini’s are too many?
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  1. Cute!


  2. This is a great moss and I love how you styled it. I feel sure we'll see plenty more of these in the mini parade!

    1. Thansk Kirsty. Yep, my denim cord is washed and on my sewing table ready to be cut into a moss.