Sunday, 18 May 2014

A matter of matching

Without further ado, let me show you my pattern matched striped Ensis.

This was my first attempt at trying to match stripes, and I am stoked with the outcome. I matched the side seams, I tried to match the armscyes (my matching failed over the sleeve head and across the back), but I did match the hem band and cuffs. Pattern matching success? Tick (for the most part).
Check out that pattern matching. Like. A. Boss

The top is my version of Papercut’s ensis tee. I made this up previously as a colour-blocked tee, and I remembered the fit to be slightly loose through the body – perfect for a lightweight jumper. I overlapped the pattern pieces by 1cm to remove the colour blocked section, and cut this in the whole. I did have a few issues with the placement of the pieces as the edges of the fabric were warped, stretched on the selvage and made the stripes distort. I hate how some fabric warps and distorts on the selvage edges. It sucks balls (as my son would say). It annoyed me to the state of expletives!  -  I lost about 20cm off each edge due to the unruly stripes – no amount of coaxing was going to straighten them. Bugger.
Pattern matching not so great back here...

Anyway, I managed (just) to get all the pieces out of a metre of this loose knit fabric that I bought from A2F. I bought it with the intention of sewing a dress for my sister, but the knit was too loose (and thus see-through) to make it into dress. Win for me. Loss for her.  Sorry sis.

There’s not really a lot to say about this make – I think in hindsight I would have preferred just to turn the edges over to create a simple hem rather than cuffs and a hem-band. I think the cuffs make it look a little more casual then I was going for. Oh, and I did stabilise the shoulder seams with stay tape, but that’s just a normal step that I usually take with any knits. And I did it completely on my overlocker (except the stay-tape of course).

That’s it really. It’s a simple, casual knit jumper – probably a little too casual to pair with any of my minis, but a staple nonetheless.
What next? Next week’s my birthday week so I’m hoping to sneak to the fabric store to buy some fabric and maybe make something outrageous to party in!


  1. I bow to your stripe matching! Very nicely done. It's a great fit and I really like the cuff and hem bands. It works in this style. Enjoy!

  2. Great job on the pattern matching! This is a very casually chic outfit!

  3. Hi Myra, what a cute sweater! Sorry for the late reply. I have been in the midst of a real estate shuffle- sold my unit in redfern and interviewing tenants for my house in Chatswood. Thank you so much for the offer but my baby is due in two weeks. I would love to come to the next sewing retreat :) ooh... And happy birthday for next week! Please blog about your party dress.

  4. Ah finally I can comment on your blog! I love this Ensis - might be my favourite of the blogosphere so far. And those stripe matching skills you have are right up there.