Monday, 21 April 2014

My copycat sigma

Why hello. It’s been a while since I last blogged. But I am back… and back with a vengeance. In fact, I have three outfits ready to blog about in the next few days so watch this space. Up first is my copycat sigma. This dress was inspired by Kirsty's denim sigma. I totally have a sewing crush on her, and want (need) to make everything that she does. If it appears on her blog, I can guarantee you that within a few weeks the pattern is on my bookshelf and I am dreaming up which fabric to use to copy her look. Sometimes I already have the pattern that she blogs about, but I seem to always be a few steps behind.

Anyway, I wanted a denim sigma for work and play. I thought it would be a great dress to wear during the colder months of Canberra with stockings and heels, and can be easily dressed up with a few accessories or dressed down with flats. In fact, this will be my outfit for the Royal Visit on Thursday. Yep, watch the news and my denim sigma might even make an appearance – paired with a scarf, boots and maybe even a thin belt. I was worried that it might be a tad casual, but after looking at the pictures, I’m sure I can get away with it.

There’s not much to say about the construction of the sigma. It’s the same as my other two (blogged here and here), except that I omitted the pockets as I thought the weight of the fabric would make it too thick around the hips (that and the fact that the pockets are really too high for me to comfortably use).

I must point out the ridiculous height of the bust darts. Now, this is my 3rd sigma, so you would think that I would have fixed this by now, but after sigma 1, I googled sigma pics and noticed that a lot of other darts were in the same spot, so I let it go. Sigma 2’s darts annoyed me a little as the placement was not at the bust apex…. But I still let it go. I made sigma 3 and cursed myself for not actually fixing the damn dart placement. I mean, seriously, my boobs are not that high!! They don’t sit under my chin… and they don’t align with my underarm. I just don’t get it. I know that my bust has moved slightly south due to my age, and I don’t have the perkiness of a teenager, but still, the dart placement in this sigma is all wrong.
Check out the height of the bust darts!

When I pointed the darts out to Kirsty she commented that hers didn’t fall where mine did. Odd. Very odd. I’m sure she made the same size. I double checked my pattern and yep, there’s no error there. But I’m moving on. Acceptance. There’s no more need to think about it. I am finished with this dress pattern. I think three versions is enough. I do need a new dress pattern for winter/autumn dresses – suggestions?
Oh, I just had a thought – maybe I have a long body? Maybe the fact that the waist sits too high on me and the pockets are too high for me to put my hands in, are indicative that I need a little bit more room in the bodice length. Maybe the problem has been solved?? Too late now.
Maybe Papercut will bring out a new dress in their new releases?! Oh I’m so excited.