Sunday, 23 March 2014

A Coco in ponte

After seeing plenty of Coco’s in the blogosphere, I have finally jumped on board and whipped up Tilly’s latest pattern, the Coco. It’s a pretty fast and easy pattern with only three pattern pieces. Realistically I could have finished this in a night but I am the queen of procrastination, and dilly dallied watching episodes of Breaking Bad, and I got suckered into the bitchiness of MKR (and sat staring at the tv instead of pinning my dress).

The actual construction of the dress was a breeze: I stabilised the neck using some cotton tape, which meant I had no problems with the neck line stretching out of shape or gaping afterwards. I will definitely use this technique again when sewing with knits. I also used my overlocker for most of the seams, except the neckline and the hems – and I didn’t bother cleaning up the edges with the overlocker before hemming as ponte doesn’t fray. Bonus.

I did have a few fitting issues though. After checking my measurements, I sewed a size 2, but really should have sewed a 1 as it was very baggy on me. I ended up taking the waist in by 1 inch on each side (so 4 inches in total), and I reduced the width of the skirt by 1.5 inches on each side (6 inches in total) as I found the dress really flared out at the bottom. I used my handy dandy french curve to redraw the seams from the underarm to my new waist and the bottom of the dress. I’m happy with the result.

Next time I will go down a size– although I am sure I’ll still have to take in more at the sides. Maybe I just alter the size 2 pattern as it seems to fit well across the bust and shoulders? Hmm. Oh what to do.
I do have to comment about the placement of the dead tree at the front of the dress. Friends have said that the placement is fine, however, to me, it kinda looks like a dead tree is dissecting my lady bits (I think that's what I was laughing about below). There was also talk that the dead tree pattern was a little gloomy, and that maybe I should sew something a little more upbeat and cheery next. It's been a bit doom and gloom in my world, so a dead tree seems apt. I'll try for cheery soon.

Coco in action
I wore this dress out last night to a movie night with my newly found sewing friends. What a great movie choice for a group of crazy fashion and sewing enthusiasts - “Mademoiselle”:  a French movie about fashion icon, Carine Roitfeld! After being inspired by the crazy fashion shoots in the movie (and maybe a glass or two of wine), we went outside for our own photo shoot. Thanks to Kirsty, Michelle and Jen – the pics are much more fun than my usual run of the mill ones.
Coco out and about with Jen - looking up at sculptural tree roots made out of tyres...
just like the dead tree branches on the dress
I’m not sure what I’ll sew next. Maybe a denim ¾ sleeved Sigma as it is starting to get chilly here in the ‘Berra. Or maybe a long sleeved Ensis? I do have some crazy metallic blue fabric to make a Sigma for Fashfest that Siobhan convinced me to buy. Oh, and I have some blue and white polka dotted fabric for a Zinnia skirt.