Thursday, 9 January 2014

The repeat button

Do you remember my post when I talked about my kimono sleeved dress that I loved so much that I kept on recreating it? Again and again with slight modifications – a lace yoke panel top, a straight red jersey dress, a grey tee…. all based on the same pattern?  Well, just before I left for my Christmas holiday, I hit the repeat button just one more time. The result: my nautical themed jersey dress.
Sorry about the angle of this pic - I couldn't find the tripod so
balanced the camera precariously on my bike seat
I created this one as an everyday summer dress that I could wear to the beach, out to lunch or just hanging around the house. It’s made of jersey so it is super comfy. I modified it slightly to include featured buttons on the shoulder seam – I created a 1 inch facing for the yoke panels so that the edges were finished and the shoulder seams had a 1 inch double layer of fabric for the buttons and button-holes. After attaching the facing, I edged the sleeves, finished off the shoulders with the buttons, and hemmed the bottom of the dress. Voila. All in all I think this took me a few hours, but maybe that was because I wasted a heap of time searching through my buttons trying to find the perfect ones (I ended up finding nothing in my stash and buying these at Lincraft on a last minute shopping run).
Here’s my breakdown:
Material etc:
·         1m navy cotton-lycra jersey from Addicted to Fabric - $15
·         30cm red/white striped jersey from Tessuti  - approx. $4
·         6 x Italian buttons from Lincraft @ $1.20 each = $8 (rounded up)
·         3 hours
Total: $20 + 3 hours labour.
Not bad considering I wore it at least 3 times on holidays and decided to whip it out for work today (not exactly a work outfit, but it’s casual Friday and hardly anyone is back at work!). I promise to file this pattern away now. I’m done with jersey for a while and have a Papercut Sigma dress on my sewing table ready to finish.


  1. I love the title! :)
    Are you sure you are done with this pattern? Have you considered an evening version? ;) I have two Collette dresses that are very similar to this pattern. The runway pics can be found here:
    and here
    Your wardrobe must be overflowing with self made creations by now. Do you plan to just wear self made clothes or will you use them to supplement your store bought pieces?
    I only make clothes to supplement my wardrobe as I am very much still hooked on shopping.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your sigma dress.
    Tara: If you like buttons. Take a trip to the button shop at The Rocks. From time to time they bring in the dreamiest real deal vintage buttons!! The shop isn't as cute as the one in Newtown though.
    Speaking of work... it's back to crunching numbers....

    1. I really love that first CD dress with the lace. Just gorgeous! And I'll take note too of the button shop address for next I'm in the rocks or in Newtown :)

    2. Hi ladies, the addresses for the button shops are:
      All Buttons Great and Small- 419A King St, Newtown
      The cutest cats live there and sometimes can be seen prancing around in the window displays!
      Buttons Buttons Buttons- 25 Nurses Walk, The Rocks

    3. What?! there's another button shop?? I'll have to add this one to my next shoppping trip. I don't get to visit Sydney very often : ( Thanks, Natalia
      And Myra- if it works keep hitting that repeat button : )

    4. Thanks Natalia. I'll definitely have to visit these when i am up in Sydney next.

  2. I think this is my favourite of all your 'repeats'. I really like the button feature across the top. Oh, and after reading your post I went and bought the sigmas dress as well.. like I need any more patterns!

    1. Thanks Kirsty. I can't wait to see your Sigma. Mine is almost finished - just the fiddly bits to go - facing, hem etc. Warning with the Sigma: it's incredibly short - I added 2 inches in length to make it more 'work friendly'.

  3. Thanks Natalia. Haha- the title came from your comment the other day - very much one pattern with my finger on the repeat button :) I love the CD lace one too. Hmm, a black lace yoke dress. I'll put that one in the to-do list. I was actually thinking of making a Colette macaron in black lace similar to this. I'm hoping to one day get to the stage that I only wear self made clothes, but I don't really have enough yet, and I am only just starting to feel like my clothes are of a high enough standard not to feel self conscious or 'home-made'. I do try and wear self made clothes at least 3 days a week to work, but still feel nervous about potential comments.

  4. Don’t consider it a repeat, maybe a signature look/style? : )
    Let me guess, these potential comments come from an office full of women? Don’t worry.
    Oohh...a Macaron in black lace would be so lovely (can you tell I’m obsessed with lace?) I don’t think I’ve seen many lace versions of the Macaron.
    Have a great weekend, Nat :)

    1. Thanks. Ok, a signature look it is :) I have some white and cream lace but none black. Hmm, maybe I'll attempt to dye some.

  5. Wow Myra you have been busy! I was reading through your last three posts and I am amazed at the pace you can knock these creations out. I hope you have a great sewing year ahead :)

    1. Thanks Gillian. I hope that you get some time to sew for yourself.