Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Colette Laurel and another Iris

I finished my second pair of Colette Iris shorts over the past few days. I made this pair out of stretch denim that I purchased from Addicted to Fabric at their recent bi-annual sale. I actually only picked up half a metre as I had read on some other blogs that people out there had made a pair of Iris’s out of a half metre scrap! So I bought just 50cm (even though the lady at the counter didn’t believe me that I could swindle a pair out of it), and justified spending a little bit more on some beautiful new Liberty of London cotton lawn. Oh, that is definitely the logic of a fabric obsessed sewer.
I managed to cut out all the pieces out of my 50cm, however, I had to cut the back waist band in two pieces and sew them together as my denim wasn’t cut square (I swear the fabric lady did this to spite me). I also cut both the main fabric and lining fabric of the pockets out of a Paris road-map quilting material that I bought online from the US. I was going to just blog about these shorts and title the post ‘Paris in my pocket’, but it just happened that I was wearing the Colette Laurel as well in the pic, so I thought I’d better change the title.
The shorts did not come together as easy as the first pair. But this was entirely my fault, and not the fault of the instructions. I flew into sewing these up without really following the instructions as I thought I could remember what I did the previous time, and when I did go back to the instructions for a bit of a refresher, I accidentally had the instructions (PDF printed out) all muddled up and somehow sewed the zipper in BEFORE sewing the waist band. But it gets worse! I actually sewed the waist band on after I inserted the zipper and then looked at the shorts in bewilderment, wondering what the heck I had done wrong. Woops. I spent an hour or so unpicking the damn zipper and reinserting it to include the waist band. Lesson learnt: Do not get cocky! Read and follow the instructions even when it is the second time around. I must add that I did have a head cold at the time, so maybe this added to my sewing fail.
I did modify these slightly, as I mentioned in my previous Iris shorts post that I might: I took about an inch off in the width of the shorts at the hem, and tapered them in (in line with the lower pocket join as this is where they were fitted on me). I also sewed version 1 – the shorts without the buttons, however I did sew the edge of the pockets into the centre crotch seam to ensure the pockets didn’t flap around. To be honest though, I think I like my blue linen pair better.
The Colette Laurel top I completed maybe a month ago in a size 0. I used a cotton voile that I picked up at Addicted to Fabric. I removed the zipper in the back of the top as I knew I could get this over my head without the zipper. I also moved the bust darts down about an inch and I took out about 2 inches of excess from each of the side seams, tapering it into the underarm.
I finished the edges using a white bias tape, however, I am not sold on the edging. I kind of think it looks a bit 'home-made'. I do love this top though - I love the boldness of the fabric and it has got me away from wearing solid colours. It's a perfect summer top: light weight, a little loose but still stylish and it has a nice shape.

I might make another Laurel in Liberty of London cotton lawn, but I might shorten the sleeves, maybe add a peter pan collar, and maybe add some piping around turned up cuffs. As for the Iris - I think I'm done. It's back to skirts and dresses for me.

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