Monday, 11 November 2013

The first

What should I write in my first ever blog? Where should I start? There appears to be a myriad of sewing blogs out there and I have no false belief that I have any more to offer than any other sewing enthusiast. I scroll through my favourite handful of sewing blogs each morning and have learnt the tricks of the seamstress trade through my sewing blog friends (hmm, maybe ‘friends’ is a little far-fetched – truth of the matter is they don’t know I exist. I follow them relentlessly, but in the shadows like some weird sewing blog stalker. I have even been known to talk about these ‘friends’ with my real-life friends. Oh dear, now that is sad).

My thinking behind starting my own blog is actually quite selfish – I sew, I alter patterns on the fly to fit my body shape… I rejig the pattern, create a muslin and then once the final outfit is finished, I forget what I modified. Months down the track I pick up the pattern and make the very same mistakes as the first time around! I must have a memory like a goldfish. This blog is my own memory jogger: somewhere to document my sewing journey through each hand-made outfit and somewhere I can look back and remind myself that I moved the bust darts down 1 inch on the Colette Laurel top or that Ottobre patterns do not include seam allowance. And maybe, just maybe my blog might be of interest to other sewing enthusiasts.

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  1. Yay welcome to the blogging world. It really is a great memory jogger I love your presents for your niece and nephew. Once upon a thread is such a great idea!