Monday, 25 November 2013

The beginning of my Colette Iris shorts

I didn’t get much sewing done over the weekend, but finished my grey t-shirt with kimono sleeves (I'll blog about this one soon), and cut out the pattern pieces for my Colette Iris shorts. I’m about a year behind every other seamstress in sewing up these shorts as the pattern was released about a year ago, but I think (hope) they will be a staple for summer. My wardrobe is lacking in the ‘nice’ shorts department – I have shorts: the ones that I garden in, exercise and walk the dog … and they are ok to wear to the supermarket, but not out to lunch.
Fingers crossed these Iris shorts exceed (or just meet) my expectations and I can dress them up with a nice shirt and wear them out. I’ve decided to make them in blue linen fabric with a subtle pin-stripe - I picked up the fabric from Addicted to Fabric a while ago with the intention to make a linen dress. I’m a tad worried that the fabric has no stretch in it (I’m pretty sure the Colette website suggests a fabric with about a 1-2% stretch component), but we’ll just have to wait and see. I also cannot be bothered making a muslin for these, which I’ll probably regret.

Talking about the stages of sewing, I recently came across Kathryn’s blog from Yes I like that. It was one of those 'Ah ha' moments where I totally agreed with everything she was writing – the joy of planning a project, the absolutely hatred at cutting the damn thing out and marking darts, notches etc, the excitement when the garment comes together, the demotivation when you realise things are not going as well as you expected, and the high when you’re finished, and you walk out the house strutting your stuff in your newly made garment. It’s no wonder that I have so many unfinished sewing projects as I get to that demotivation stage and think ‘crap, I screwed up the facing/seam/neck-line/zipper…. I’ll just put that aside and dream about the next project or look through my pattern books and plan that dress/top that I’ve been dreaming about’.
I must admit, my favourite bit about being a seamstress is wandering around fabric stores feeling the drape and weight of fabric (oh and picking out buttons... don’t get me started on how much I love buttons). I don’t have to have an idea in mind about what I want to sew, the beauty of the fabric makes me smile and I want (need) to have it in my sewing room for when that perfect pattern comes along that warrants its use. I do wonder if other seamstresses feel the same way? And are there comparisons to other hobbies? Both my partner and my son play video games – does wandering around EB games and picking up the newest game invoke up the same elation in them that fabric does to me? I hope not as I am constantly battling my son to put down that damn PS3 remote and to do something constructive.


  1. I love your comparison with EB games... gosh I hope not as I'm constantly trying to get my oldest to get outside rather than play ipad games. I loved that post of Kathryns. Agree that for me it's usually the fabric that drives the garment.. All the best with the iris shorts Having just made them up they fit very close to the finished pattern measurements.. Which is helpful.

    1. Thanks Kirsty. After looking at my cut pieces last night I did wonder if I should have tried to line up at least one pin stripes in the waist band and the body of the shorts. Oh well. Question with the shorts - did you cut the pockets completely out of different (lining) fabric? I think the pattern calls for 2 x main fabric and 2 x lining fabric.

    2. Hi, Yes, I followed the pattern - 2 out of main and 2 out of lining. I barely had any fabric so it was just as well. From memory the fabric pocket is the one that sits against the body.

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