Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Self-drafted abstract dress

First off, let me apologise for the blurriness and quality of the photos. I took these as I was heading off to work this morning and balanced the camera on the front door steps and raced in front of the camera, hoping that the camera was focused in the right vicinity of where I’d be standing and didn’t chop off my head in the pics. The photos are all wrong – wrong angle, wrong composition, wrong lighting. But they show the dress, so I guess that’s all that matters.
I made this dress quite a while ago, but thought I would retrospectively blog it. It is self-drafted, loosely copied from a kimono short sleeved knit dress I bought. I drafted a ¾ sleeve set-in with a slight gather around the sleeve-cap. I’m not entirely happy with the amount of gather at the top and back of the sleeves, and think they look a bit puffy, but no one has commented on them, so I guess they don’t look too ridiculous.
The fabric is an abstract stretch fabric that I found on sale at spotlight. I’m not really a spotlight fan and the fabric doesn’t feel anywhere as nice as the stuff I buy from Tessuti or Addicted to Fabric, but it was cheap and I was attempting to draft a pattern with set-in ¾ sleeves, so I was nonchalant if it didn’t work out and ended up in the bin. I think it’s some sort of polyester blend.

This dress is wearable – I wore it to work today, but as mentioned, I didn’t get the sleeve fit or design right. I’m yet to design or find a pattern with the perfect amount of ease across the sleeve head, especially for knit fabrics (I think Sarai in the Colette blog mentioned that the armscye for the bodice and the sleeve are generally the same measurements for knit fabrics). I’ll keep you posted.

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